Qigong @ Koru Koha Studio

Using the ancient practice of Qigong, you will be able to achieve new levels of vitality, joy and wellbeing.  Empower yourself to heal and renew your life.

Koru Koha Studio

Unique pieces of art and furniture inspired by nature and New Zealand's rich culture.  Designed and made right here in our onsite workshop.  .

Our Name is our Vision

The Koru or unfurling fern frond is a symbol of new life, rebirth, growth, strength and peace.  A Koha is the Maori custom of offering a gift, donation or contribution.  This is the essence of what we aspire to be in our business, Koru Koha.

Looking after our Wellbeing has never been more important.   Shaarina Taylor is a Certified Teacher and Healing Facilitator, of Wisdom Healing (Zhineng) Qigong.  An ancient holistic healing practise.  Students learn practical, simple and accessible exercises, sound healing and mindful meditations offering deep connection with mind, heart and body.

Koru Koha Studio is our creative family art studio led by Jason Taylor.  Jason creates incredible artisan pieces of art sculpture and furniture. Inspired  by New Zealand's unique culture. Jason uses recycled and sustainable materials from a range of mediums.  Inspiration and craftsmanship go hand in hand in Jason's onsite workshop, where each unique piece is made. Siobhan Taylor creates expressive art canvases using acylics, cold wax and oils. Sophia Taylor is our resident photographer creating canvas art and unique jewellery from her work. Finally Shaarina Taylor is the crafter of the family contributing fabric and hand knitted pieces to the Studios portfolio of beautiful items. Follow us on Instagram @korukohastudio






A New Beginning

Empower yourself and others to a new beginning gift, your own koru koha...