New Year, New You?

It’s a New Year and that means that many of us will be reflecting on life in general.  One of the things that most often comes to the fore is the question of happiness  “Am I truly happy with my life?”  I hear a huge range of answers from:  No, and I don’t know what to do…; Sometimes, well not really, but if ….. ; or Yes mostly, but once I …. it will be fine.

Now I know that even though I am naturally an eternal optimist, that I have also found myself feeling those different states of contentment with my life at various stages.  We all do, we are humans and we feel and that is fine, except when we fall into a state of hopelessness.  And sometimes we feel that life is just too much, too hard or we are careering from one thing to another without much direction or control.  Life can be simply unpredictable and the reality is that we often don’t control many of those external influences.  So how can you be happy when you feel this way.  Well, what you can do is work with how you react to all of these influences.

Looking for Happiness.

The common thread with a sense of dissatisfaction with life is that we are looking for things outside of ourselves to provide us with a source to happiness.  Humans can be a funny breed. For example, when we’re single we wish for a partner and then we’ll be happy; when we’re in a relationship we might wish for some ‘me time’ to find our happy place.  We may focus on material things to make us feel happier: nice clothes, flash car, latest tech, trendy holiday destination.  These things can and do provide happiness, but are almost always transitory.  We soon start looking for the next thing to fill the gap.  It becomes a never ending search for the something more.  And then there are the things in life that ‘make us unhappy’, how do we deal with those events and still feel fulfilled with our life?

Unconditional Happiness.

What would life look like if you weren’t dependent on external things to provide the source of  happiness.  And what if you could look at those external ‘things that make you unhappy’ from a different perspective?  To not feel like a victim of circumstances but to have ways of reacting to external influences that empower and uplift you?  What if, you, could become the source of your own happiness? And this happiness was not conditional on any external circumstances?  Unconditional Happiness.  Wow, what an amazing gift this would be to yourself and all those around you.

Tool Box for Health and Happiness.

The ancient tradition of Qigong is a pathway to achieving this way of living life.  It is not a religion but a shift of paradigm for reacting and flowing through life.  Wisdom Healing Qigong uses multiple techniques ranging from mindfulness teachings, quiet meditations, gentle physical movements, and sound and energy practices.  All these tools build our capacity to connect our internal life force and the universal energy of all life around us.  To embrace the joy of living daily and apply these tools to move with life’s challenges acknowledging, activating and appreciating all facets of our human nature, and in so doing, finding happiness and joy in every day.  No matter what life circumstances may be there is a way to still find joy in being alive.

If you are looking for a way to be in control of your own happiness then come and share in these wisdom teachings at Koru Koha Wellbeing.  We have regular weekly classes and our first day long “Health and Happiness” Retreat will take place on 4th March 2018.  We are pleased to announce our special guest Judy Tretheway, from The Chi Center, USA who will be sharing her considerable expertise at our March Day-long Retreat.  Email: Shaarina Taylor on to register your interest today.

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