The Golden Keys: Inner Smile

Inner Smile: I Am Love

The Inner smile is as simple as it sounds: we smile inside of ourselves, in every organ, tissue and cell.  It’s about bringing happiness to our bodies in the most deep and nourishing way.

We all search for happiness in life.  Sometimes we find it hard to find for ourselves.  Perhaps we may focus on the need for particular things or circumstances, and we think: ‘When I find that thing, then I will be happy.’   We are searching outside of ourselves for happiness.

But from a Qigong perspective, our happiness is not dependent on these outside conditions.  So we move through different stages of understanding this concept:

I wish I was happy
I want to be happy
I am happy in spite of challenging circumstances
I am happy
I am happy in all dimensions
I am the source of my happiness

And it is a natural reaction for humans to smile when they feel that happiness.  So with the Inner Smile we are working within the body, to connect to our own ability to be the source of our own happiness.  Inner Smile activates unconditional joy and self-love. Through the Inner Smile, you bring the energy of love into your entire being and this joy creates the state of well-being, the opposite of dis-ease.

In the Wisdom Healing Qigong tradition the inner smile also allows us to the Universal energy.  We also say that the Universal energy will meet us halfway and this energy is neutral until we give it purpose.  By giving ourselves the gift of the Inner Smile the Universal energy will respond in a positive nurturing way. We are directing positive thoughts and healing energy to the place of challenges. We are making a choice to reframe our response to whatever situation we are facing.  We are making a positive choice to become the source of our own happiness at all levels of being.

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