Our Koha (Gift) to You

We are a kiwi family collective of creative and caring people. We have a unique combination of gifts  and creative skills, and find inspiration everywhere in our beautiful location.  We love that we are able to share our creative talents and healing knowledge with others and bring a little bit of joy to life.

"Life is a wonderful journey.  At Koru Koha Studio we celebrate our  love of creativity, diversity and learning. "  Shaarina Taylor

Our Unfurling Story

Koru Koha Studio has grown from our life long enjoyment of learning and creating.

Both Jason and Shaarina studied post graduate degrees in the biological sciences and met each other while working in endangered species management with the NZ Dept of Conservation. Married for twenty years they continue to expand, learn and contribute to the community.

Jason finds much inspiration from working in the outdoors, and this feeds into his natural artistic talents.  Jason is a skilled creator/maker of beautiful art, furniture and environments.

Shaarina has been a practitioner and teacher of Chen style Tai Chi Chuan and several styles of Qigong for almost 20 years.  As a natural caregiver, looking after the environment, loved ones and the community has been a consistent life theme. 

Siobhan and Sophia are developing their creative interests as they explore different media and learn new techniques.

The Studio allows us to share the love and inspiration we gain from our environment; the nurturing techniques of Qigong; with the creativity these things bring to our lives. This is our new beginning gift, Koru Koha.

Meet the Koru Koha Family

We hope our clients will learn self-care (Wellbeing), to relax and explore (AirBnB) and enjoy our creative art or furniture (Studio).

 Living, exploring and creating the life that makes you the happiest.

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Shaarina Taylor

Koru Koha

Wellbeing & AirBnB

I was born in Devonport, back living in the family homestead.  I've been a caregiver in many forms: Tutor, Student/Educator, Conservation Wildlife Ecologist, Mum, Early childhood educator, Tour guide, Scout leader, Elderly caregiver, and Qigong instructor.  People, relationships and experiences of many kinds, are the things that are important to me.  Contributing to the wellbeing of others makes me happy.


Jason Taylor

Koru Koha

Studio & Air BnB

I have lived in Devonport for past 20yrs.  I've trained and worked as a Conservation Wildlife Manager and a Landscaper.  Loving the outdoor lifestyle, I pass on my skills through the Scouting movement.  Inspired by life and kiwi culture, my paintings, sculpture, stone and woodwork pieces are diverse.  Creative ideas come from many sources and I love to bring these to life with unique pieces of art and furniture.

Begin with a gift

  • Start your wellbeing journey with Qigong Classes
  • Bring joy with a piece of Art or Furniture