Connection to Ancient Wisdom

Here at Koru Koha Wellbeing, I am part of a worldwide network of Wisdom Healing Qigong teachers and practitioners.  My teacher, Master Mingtong Gu, studied directly with the founder of Zhineng (Wisdom Healing) Qigong, Dr Pang.  Master Mingtong Gu was part of the Master Healers program at the original medicineless hospital in China.  Dr Pang developed this particular group of techniques from ancient qigong exercises up to 5000 years old.  With his background in martial arts, qigong, traditional chinese medicine and western medical training, Dr Pang developed a system focused on healing at all levels.

Modern Western Connection

Master Mingtong Gu has translated this system for the western mind and environment.  He has produced a  21st century training program in his organisation The Chi Center.  Online Qigong for Life courses and Retreats  are available to the global community.  A wide range of programs are taught at the Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  I have personally benefited from the online programs and continue my own studies through this medium.  l also travel overseas to attend Retreats when possible.  As the first WHQ certified teacher in New Zealand, I am proud to be part of the international teacher community.

Global Community Connection

Here in New ZeaIand, I offer in-person classes in my community (Devonport, Auckland, NZ), and also provide a personal connection with the wider global community.  Practitioners all over the globe share a “Vision for Health, Happiness and a Deep Fulfillment of Life”.  I am thrilled to be creating a practitioner community locally and March I will be giving a taste of what a WHQ Healing Retreat is like, with my Health and Happiness Day Retreat.  I look forward to you joining this energetic supportive community.

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