Day Retreat

Health and Happiness Day Retreat

What if you could become the source of your own happiness? Rewrite old stories and release stuck energy?   Learn to build resilience and personal capacity.  Increase vitality and improve health and wellbeing.

This Day Long Retreat offers tools to build your capacity to connect your internal life force and the universal energy of all life around us.  To embrace the joy of living daily and apply these tools to move with life’s challenges acknowledging, activating and appreciating all facets of our human struggle and in so doing finding happiness and joy in every day.  The ancient wisdom tradition of Qigong is a pathway to achieving this way of looking at life.

This Retreat will offer ways to connect heart, mind and body with loving intention for healing.  Wisdom Healing Qigong uses multiple techniques ranging from mindfulness teachings, quiet meditations, gentle physical movements, and sound and energy practices.


Scout Den

1st Devonport Scout Den,  Allenby Ave,   Devonport

Located adjacent to a park.  It is the white building tucked behind hedge. Well sign posted.  There is parking on the street.

What to Bring

  • Comfortable clothes and flat shoes
  • Mat or sleeping pad for "chi nap"
  • Lunch (morning and afternoon tea are provided)
  • Notebook and pen

Program for the Day

9:00: Registration

9:15-10:30: Session 1: Life Energy (Chi) Field support.  Awakening  Vitality exercises.

10:30-45: Morning Tea

10:45-12:00: Session 2: Reframing life stories and releasing stuck energy.  Inner Smile meditation.

12:00-12:30 Lunch break

12:30-2:15: Session 3: Chi Nap. Sound Healing for emotional health.

2:15-30: Afternoon Tea

2:30-4:30 Session 4: Flow of Healing Energy: Lift Chi Up Pour Chi Down exercises.  Healing Circle.



Shaarina Taylor

Koru Koha Wellbeing

Certified Teacher and Healing Facilitator of Wisdom Healing Qigong

Shaarina Taylor, has practiced and taught Tai Chi Quan and Qigong for 15 years.   Her calling is this life has been as a caregiver of people and our planet.  She is passionate about sharing the benefits of qigong practice for life's journey through all its colours. Find out more of her vision for Koru Koha