Golden Keys: Healing Chi Field

Wisdom Healing Chi Field

The Healing Chi Field in Wisdom Healing Qigong (WHQ) is one of the elements that sets this form of Qigong apart from others.  Historically Qigong has been one of the most secretive of the Chinese traditional healing arts.  

Life Energy

Chi or Qi is the Chinese term for life energy. This life energy or life force is found within every thing and also all around us.  The Universal energy all around us is both timeless and not confined by geography.  This universal energy has a neutral quality but we can give it direction and purpose.   

Healing Energy Purpose

In WHQ past and present practitioners connect to the Universal energy all around us and essentially create a healing purpose to this energy.  As all practitioners connect to this same Chi field, we are the co-creators of this purposeful life energy. We can simultaneously add to its creative healing purpose and also benefit from its presence.

Timeless and Space-less Energy

 The Universal energy is accumulative, timeless and space-less.  This means you can connect from anywhere and at anytime.  In connecting we benefit ourselves and others. It is this collective, supportive, energetic connection that gives WHQ (Zhineng) its particular flavour, depth and increased effectiveness for healing ourselves and healing of others.

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