Golden Keys : Consistent Qigong Practice

Practice: I Am Now


The practice forms of Wisdom Healing Qigong (WHQ) are our toolbox.  It is important to understand the principles and theory of  WHQ, but it is simply potential waiting to be activated.

The practice is the means of our being able to experience the connection to the universal energetic all around us.  It allows us to activate the physical, emotional and spiritual elements of our lives. The forms focus our mindful movements to come back to this physical body as home.  The movements of the practice are designed to open, strengthen and stretch the physical body. 

Well Being Toolbox

Awaken Vitality Method has a focus upon strengthening the physical body, aligning the spine and opening the joints.  This process also allows the free movement of life energy along the meridians of the body system.  Muscles are strengthened, tendons are stretched gently and organs are massaged.

Lift Chi Up, Pour Chi Down (LCUPD) practice goes deper in the healing process.  Movement refine the energetic connection and train the mind and body to connect with, and be nourished by the universal energetic field all around us.  Then Sound Healing using the vibration of specific sounds gives access the deepest layers of our organs and transforms trapped emotional energy.

Thus a regular consistent practice opens the doorway to deeper understanding and spiritual development.  The practice forms are our road map, our pathway to healing.

Self Empowered Healing

We can transcend our old stories, take a holiday every day, replenish and rejuvenate anywhere at any time.  We can be present, be fully alive, be at our full potential, be our own source of health and well being.

Empower yourself with this ancient wisdom to heal yourself.  Join our classes in Devonport on Thursdays 9-10am weekly; follow our Facebook page or look at the online program offered by The Chi Center.


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