The Golden Keys: Haola

Haola: I Am

Haola can be translated as All is Well, So be it or Getting better.

Simple depth

 It seems such a simple word, yet it can have a profound impact on our thoughts and responses.  It can allow us time to pause, to be mindful of what is at that moment.  Instead of falling into old patterns of reactivity we take a moment to breathe.  But when faced with life’s challenges using the word and the energy of Haola can also be a way to move forward.  To not become stuck in the story of our circumstances.   We can use it as a mantra for mindful action and healing energetic support.

Layered sound

 Chanting Haola can be layered onto our Qigong exercises.  This can deepen our inner focus and intention of all is well and getting better.  The vibration of sound as a form of energy joins with the physical movements.  This is integrating and connecting us from the universal energy to the cellular levels.

Form and formless

Even the physical process of how we form the word Haola with our mouth and our vocal chords also brings healing.  As we say ‘Hao’  (like haow) we open the airways, relax the throat, round the palate, the tongue sits comfortable on the floor of the mouth, everything is open and rounded.  Then as we utter the phrase “la” the tongue moves to the roof of the mouth, connecting the microcosmic orbit circulation. Air is puffed out of the body, cleansing and releasing.  The sound can be made forcefully like expelling harmful toxins, or softly like a sigh of releasing long held fears.

Haola can affirm an acceptance of all is well in this moment no matter what circumstances and begin our activation of getting better.  There is appreciation for the depth underlying the apparent simplicity of the word.  The merging of vibrational energy, physical movement energy and the integration with the universal energy all around us is a powerful pathway to healing all conditions.  To experience the potential of Haola visit one of our community classes in Devonport with certified teacher, Shaarina Taylor.

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