The Golden Keys: Service

Service: I Am Connected

The Six Golden Keys of Wisdom Healing Qigong are a foundation for the understanding our world and contributing to the wholeness of life.  Over the next few months I will post some of my own thoughts and understanding of these golden keys.  As a teacher, I like to contemplate how I myself have found these ancient wisdoms have applied to my own life experiences.  Today I’m thinking about the golden key of Service….

Levels of Connection

As human beings we share this planet. We interact with one another and our environment on a daily basis.  When we share something in common we feel a connection.

To be connected to ourselves.

To be connected to the world we live in.

To be connected to the universal energy all around us.

This is a key of Wisdom Healing Qigong.  What is more, we strive to not only connect, but to do so in such as way as to achieve our highest purpose and vision for health, happiness and a deep fulfillment of life.”

Journey to Connection

WHQ offers a pathway along this life journey. If we want to achieve a goal of being connected to our lives on a physical, emotional and spiritual level, one path is through the process of service.  

To give freely of yourself, of your experiences and skills. To simple give your presence and time.

That is a journey to connection.  To give freely without expectation of rewards we connect to our own internal source of health. We are activating the energy of inner acceptance and self-love.  So while making the connection to others, we bathe in the benefits to our own well being.  There are so many sayings such as “ to give is to receive” that are just simple truths.  We can find that we develop the capacity for expansion.  And what can be even more astonishing is that by simply responding to that expansion we find connections that enrich the lives of all those involved.

Service, however simple, in whatever form, is a pathway to our own transformation and healing.

Personal Journey of Service

I have been lucky enough to be involved in many situations of service in my life.  Being a biologist and serving the earth’s ecosystem conserving habitats and endangered species as a career.  A mother and early childhood educator, a Scout leader, serving our next generation.  And as a full time caregiver through a relative’s end of life process.  Without exception, through good and challenging times, I have learned so much, felt the beautiful connection and enriched my own life experience in ways I could not have predicted.

For me the Golden Key of Service has been instrumental to obtaining personal fulfillment of life.  I am grateful that the practice of Wisdom Healing Qigong has helped me recognise these gifts and further nurture my own life journey.


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