Power of Qigong for Healing

Wisdom Healing Qigong is one of the most powerful forms of Qigong for healing ourselves and others.  Qigong is an ancient wisdom practice.  It uses physical exercises to open joints and strengthen the body.  Underlying this system is traditional Chinese medical understanding that enhance the body’s natural energy pathways.  We are also connecting to the greater universal energy available all around us.  Nurturing all the elements of our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies to improve health and wellbeing.

Are you feeling out of control of your own health?  Wanting to find a way back to your true self? Qigong is a self empowering practice. You can be your own health practitioner.  Coming back to your body as home.

Worldwide Community

The benefits are so profound that each of us in the video below were drawn to share them by becoming Teachers and Healing facilitators.  Wisdom Healing Qigong offers a so much richness in its teachings and it’s worldwide community.

Join me in person and learn the benefits of this ancient wisdom for our modern lives. And become part of the international  community of practitioners who enrich their lives daily.  As a certified Teacher and Healing Facilitator you can have confidence that what I am offering is an authentic practice.  And as a WHQ practitioner you also have the benefit of being able to access the rich online resources to support your journey, every day.

This video was recorded when I was a The Chi Center Retreat in October. Each one of us in the video have benefited from this incredible practice in our own lives. Healing severe back injuries. Improving arthritic conditions. Resolving long held stress, depression and sleep issues.  Improved digestion. Rejuvenating our life essence. Supporting our loved ones. Ageing with consciousness.

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