Qigong @ Koru Koha Studio

We offer a range of opportunities to empower your wellbeing.

  • Weekly Class at the Studio: Thurs 9:15-10:15am, Rattray St, Devonport. (Payment by koha donation)
  • Join Classes via Zoom: Join in on weekly class from your own home. Times online Thurs 9:15-10:am :00  Contact us via email: korukoha22@gmail.com
  • Events/Workshops: Check our events page and follow Koru Koha Wellbeing for times and venue.
  • Corporate Training Events: Qigong for health and wellbeing.  Content specially tailored to meet your organisation's focus.

Koru Koha Studio

Beautiful art pieces and furniture made right on the premises.  Each one is unique and created with recycled and sustainable materials. You'll find that special koha (gift) you've been searching for.  Follow us at Koru Koha Studio

  • Art: paintings, wall hangings, Maori artifacts, sculptures.
  • Artisan Furniture: one off creations to grace any interior space.
  • Jewellery: beautiful necklaces, each made with unique encased photographic images.
  • Crafted Items: Hand made sewn and knitted pieces.

Qigong Healing practice

Qigong is an ancient Chinese energy healing tradition widely practised and scientifically documented to improve health. These practices include teachings and a range of exercises joining physical, emotional and energetic elements to connect mind, heart and body.     Exercises are simple and accessible, but provide a technique to circulate deeply nurturing life energy.

Workshops and Corporate Training events offer an introduction to Qigong as an approach to wellbeing.  A range of different exercises including physical exercises, visualisations and sounds are used to offer a sample of this tradition.  Seminars are tailored to the focus of the organisation involved to offer the most relevant experience for participants.

Art Studio

We are inspired by nature and life's experiences. We use primarily recycled materials or sustainably sourced items. Creating different pieces using a wide range of materials: acrylic, cold wax, oil paint on canvas, wood, stone, metal sculptures, Maori inspired weapons and cloaks, back country walking sticks, photographic images, jewellery, fabrics, wool.  Jason creates unique pieces of furniture that combine function and art that will be a statement piece to grace any space .
Endless materials for endless creative visions.