The Amazing Chi Center Retreat, New Mexico.

During the last two weeks I have been privileged to be at The Chi Center Retreat in New Mexico.  An amazing place with both a beautiful environment and incredible people.  I went to participate in the Teaching and Healing Facilitators certification part of the Retreat.  As a bonus we contributed to the Healing Intensive Retreat by teaching and mentoring participants, as part of our assessment process.

The Retreat Routine

Yes, Intensive was definitely the word.  My day started with 7am teaching of Awaken Vitality classes,  followed by debrief over breakfast.  Sometimes the teachers would have breakout sessions while others did practice.  We coordinated our small group sessions with practicing the Three A’s (Acceptance, Activation, Appreciation).  There were fabulous practice sessions of Lift Chi Up Pour Chi Down (LCUPD) with senior instructors.  An after lunch chi nap followed by sound healing practice was a favourite of most Retreat participants.   Master Mingtong Gu shared his incredible wisdom teachings throughout the day and the we finished with an evening Healing session before bed.

Qualifying as a Wisdom Healing Qigong Teacher and Healing Facilitator

For the first week the focus was on the Level 1 Teacher qualification.  The second week was more about becoming a Healing Facilitator.  This was the culmination of five years of dedicated study and practice, three in the Qigong for Life classes and the last two years in the Professional Training Program.  I am very pleased to report that my Master, Mingtong Gu granted me both qualifications.  Of course, as Qigong is a lifetime journey there will always be more to absorb and learn and I will be continuing my studies and Teacher training in the years to come.

The Gift of Wisdom Healing Qigong

The teachings and practices of WHQ have really helped me to be the best version of myself through some challenging times.  The practise supports my general health, both physical and emotional.  The teachings have also become an important part of how I interact in the world and also a spiritual journey of connecting with a deeper purpose.  Qigong is a way of being present in this world, living with mindful appreciation and just doing our best everyday. Haola (All is Well and Getting Better).

The WHQ community is a rich and sharing group of practitioners and teachers.  I am truly grateful to represent this discipline in New Zealand.

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