The Golden Keys: Trust

Trust: I Am Enough


Trust is such a small word but has so much emotional strength in many of our lives.  A lack of trust can create huge barriers to moving forward in challenging times.  In creating barriers and blockages in our lives this may contribute to disease.

For example we may have experienced a difficult diagnosis, a physical or emotional roadblock, a trauma of some kind, or any number of life circumstances.  If we respond with fear, worry, uncertainty and self-doubt we begin to feel helpless, out of control of our lives. But when we face such challenges if we can trust that we will be enough to meet the challenge and find a way to heal ourselves or others,  then we have hope.  And more than just hope we can influence our future prognosis in so many subtle ways.  We can participate in our own lives fully, regardless of circumstances.

The practices of Wisdom Healing Qigong help us to trust by training our minds and bodies to form a strong connection.  To be comfortable with our own skin.  We work to connect with our heart’s desires and to be aware of our own authentic selves. To process through old blockages and challenge our old patterns of self-doubt.  We learn to accept that despite circumstances, we can be empowered to participate fully in life. You can be present from moment to moment, engaged in being the best possible version of ourselves.  To trust that we are enough, right now.

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