When We Want More….

There is something about our western culture that encourages us to push ourselves and our bodies in a constant need for ‘more’.  It might be our need for more money, more possessions, more health, more time, more love, more meaning, more, more, more, ….   We are driven by consumerism, by a new culture of instant gratification and by a constant bombardment of ‘things’ that define success in our society.  All these social messages imply that when we have these things we will be happy and fulfilled, and in some situations it can be true.

But what people are finding more and more (there’s that word again) is that happiness and fulfillment are not provided by outside possessions or stimulus.  That when we feel that we want more, it is really a need to find that internal sense of contentment.  Victorian English culture had a saying “I am quite content with my situation”, and I think there is something to be said for this approach, though not in the context of the Victorian class system.

Finding inner contentment and appreciation as a tool to happiness and fulfillment is the basis of much of the popular wave of mindfulness techniques.  In Koru Koha Wellbeing we use this mindful approach to accept and appreciate all aspects of life, no matter what the circumstances.  Using the energetic technology of Wisdom Healing Qigong, exercises that activate the connection of mind and body for the benefit of finding what ‘more’ means for you.  Looking for the blessings behind challenging aspects of life and re-framing our old stories to shift stuck energy and repetitive reactions.  Qigong can be a pathway to awakening more vitality for life, finding joy and happiness in any circumstance and maybe even finding that place where you have enough of everything, and find contentment and fulfillment in daily life.

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