What is Qigong?

This is an exert from Master Mingtong Gu, The Chi Center:

Qigong is a technology and an art that applies ancient wisdom,
modern science and the mind’s creative power to transform our
lives from dis-ease to health and well-being.
Qigong is a direct and powerful technology to tap into the infinite
source of energy––the same energy in the Milky Way––and use
this infinite source to transform our physical and psychological
conditions for a better, more balanced life.
Qigong is a technology that uses pure energy to effectively cultivate
love, wisdom, compassion and harmony for the greatest healing.
Qigong is a way to invest consciousness, the most precious treasure
of life, in the largest bank of the universe, the energy bank, the
source of all creation, and thus fulfill your highest potential for
creativity, healing, peace, service and wisdom.
Qigong, a science of miracles, is a way to create the most ideal
condition for miracles to happen in our lives.
Qigong is the cultivation of mind and body and allows you to
experience the true nature of all phenomena, including your body,
as pure energy, so you can realize the Oneness of self, others and
nature. It allows you to open the great potential for the mind to
alter and transform physical conditions.
Qigong is a technology that allows you to direct positive, creative,
loving intention into the body directly so you can transform
disharmonious conditions within to healthy, harmonious and
happy conditions.
Qigong expands and awakens consciousness and applies this
consciousness to transform life.
Qigong has been proven effective through the long history of
ancient traditions and with modern science. Qigong has helped
millions of people reduce health costs and heal chronic conditions.
Qigong is accessible to all ages and backgrounds. Not a religion,
rather, it is a science of mind, and is applicable to all levels of
transformation and health needs.
Qigong is a sustainable lifestyle. You can recharge yourself through
“eating” energy just like you eat food, but from the infinite,
formless source, like a super gas station of free energy.
Qigong trains the mind to perceive and utilize the formless,
invisible energy that comprises 96% of the universe. New scientific
research has validated and recognized this spiritual force known by
ancient wisdom traditions around the world.

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